Janey's Spirit Connexions

Janey is a spiritual medium providing guided meditation, classes, readings, and courses
Janey's Spirit Connexions

My Journey

Early in my life spirit was already communicating with me through the gifts of Clairvoyance (seeing), Clairsentience (feeling), Clairescence (smell), and Claircognizance (inner knowing). Of course, I just thought that everyone was aware of spirit in this way. In time, other spiritual experiences became apparent, including astral projection at the age of nine and pre-cognitive dreams. All of these experiences and gifts would prove invaluable for the work I was destined to do later in life.

I was lucky to share spiritual discussions with, and had support from, my Mum as I grew up. However, still yearning for more knowledge, I continued my spiritual journey and, during my twenties, I visited Paul Lambillion, a respected medium, who said “You don’t need to come to me, you can do this yourself but you won’t until your forties”.

As I was about to turn 40, his words proved to be very true. Through close guidance with Linda Williamson, my mentor and teacher, the practical understanding of using my gifts grew over many years of learning and practice; in particular developing my Clairaudience (hearing).

Over time, spirit has continued to push my boundaries of knowledge by changing the way that they work with me. Now, 17 years on, I’m blessed to be able to dedicate my working time to spirit, helping others along their spiritual path and healing. My connection allows me to act as a channel of communication for loved ones, friends, family and animals in the spirit world, providing reassuring evidence that they continue to be connected to you.

During my own personal development studying the Lotus Chakra Course I gained in depth knowledge of the seven main chakras which I now incorporate intuitively into all of my work for spirit - Private Readings, Mediumship Development, Meditation and as a qualified instructor of the Lotus Chakra Course.

In essence, I bring a lifetime of spiritual experiences, knowledge and study to share with you in whichever way is right for you at this time.

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Kind Words

Karen Monz

When I signed up for Janey's Lotus Chakra course, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect, but trusting in Divine guidance, I went along.  It's no exaggeration to say that this was the real start of my spiritual and emotional transformation, and I am eternally grateful to Janey for holding such a safe, secure and loving space for us all. 

Janey expertly and kindly takes you on a journey through the Chakras; getting to know each one in turn, and then exploring how any blockages or trauma may be showing up in your life.  There are healing exercises, which at first seemed daunting, but with the support of the group were truly life changing.  

The group was small and I'm certain we were Divinely chosen (by Janey) and brought together to support and learn from each other.  I was very sad when the course ended, and would even consider doing it again as I know there is still a lot more to explore and learn.  Please do take the time to invest in yourself and go on this journey with Janey - it will certainly be emotional, but it will be so, so worth it.

Zoë Plummer

I contacted Janey after finding her online as I have a huge interest in mediumship and all things surrounding it! After chatting to Janey we decided that we would start with the ‘mediation for you’ course. Now, I’m not going to lie, meditation has never been my thing and I was worried that I would giggle in front of a group of strangers and ruin it for everyone! How wrong I was ….. I LOVED it …. What an amazing tool to be taught. Janey was amazing, every week we would cover something different and build up to longer meditations, Janey would explain, in detail, each Chakra and what it meant, it is fascinating.

Cannot recommend Janey enough if you’re interested in meditation or even if you don’t think you are (as in my case)

Maria Blencowe

I have experienced three different courses with Janey and I have loved each and every one. From Mediumship Development to Meditation for You and then most recently the Lotus Chakra course. Each have been wonderful in their own unique way and this is through Janey’s knowledge, friendliness and reassuring presence throughout. Everyone’s experiences, thoughts and feelings are honoured and respected without expectation and it is a joy to be guided by her.

These courses have been life changing for me, giving me confidence in abilities that I already had but we’re unsure how to navigate!

I am so grateful for Janey and all that she does, she is without question a gifted Medium and Teacher.

Ruth Philcox

Janey’s chakra meditation for you course was a wonderful experience. I meditate regularly and was keen to deepen my practice and learn more about the chakras.

This course really helped me to connect with the particular chakra needing attention and Janey’s calm voice guiding you through each meditation took me off to another dimension. Janey has a unique ability to connect into you during the meditation and I gained so much from going each week.

Bella Wilson

I have completed the meditation for you course with Janey and had a private reading with her as well. Every session I have had was a wonderful experience. Janey is so knowledgeable and kind in her manner and delivery of information. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to have worked with her and look forward to continue attending courses.

Nicola Graham

Thank you, Janey, for a wonderful heartwarming and encouraging session. It was remarkable to receive all the guiding messages from my grandmother and to receive the confirmation that my grandfather had indeed been trying to get my attention. I really needed the encouragement I was given and their message to be patient was so true. You are not only very connected to spirit and our guides you have a lovely calm kind way with you which is extremely comforting. Bless you 🙏will be back again soon when I need some guidance and affirmation that I am loved and supported by spirit.

Louise Granell

I felt like something was missing in my life, something holistic or spiritual but I didn’t know what it was or how I found it. I found Janey’s course by word of mouth and it sounded interesting. I had read about chakras but past their representative zones of the body, I didn’t know much more.

Each session we learnt about the chakras in depth and did guided meditations. We had homework each week which we then spent the next week going through. In those sessions the most I experienced my most transformative processes so far. Some of the sentences I spoke out loud I had never shared before. Janey’s space was safe and loving. Throughout the 10 or so weeks I felt like life was clearer and I was more content. I have benefitted more than I could imagine.

There is a lot of introspection and you must be ready to want to do this, but you will never regret it.

Bryony Alford

We spent two beautiful days together on a journey to mediumship. Janey was so lovely and helped us all. She even enabled it to go ahead following social distancing.

Thank you, Janey

Kerry Calligari

Lovely reading with Janey at the end of last week which brought a lot of comfort, laughter, and insight. Messages brought with love with so much accuracy. Even though due to Covid the reading had to happen via Zoom, I still felt like I was in the same room as Janey, who was warm and welcoming. One of the best experiences I have had 😀

Hilary K

The key stone for me is being able to develop my abilities to help others. Thank you so much for my reading yesterday, not only did it help me to realise my key stone quest but it is the reading that just keeps on giving by making more and more meaning and sense to me as I go on through this day and probably for some time to come too.

Wow, that was deep! But I hope you can receive my appreciation and gratitude ✨ xx

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