Mediumship Development

Develop your gifts and gain the confidence to use them
Mediumship Development

Mediumship Development Classes

Classes are taught in person in Farnham, Surrey. Each class is kept small so that there is a personal feel for your learning, enabling me to give each student support and guidance when necessary. You will also be given notes to look back on for each of the classes taught.

Why Learn with Me?

I was born with a natural connection to spirit through most of my Clair Senses. When the time was right, I decided to dedicate time and practice to developing the gifts given to me to work as a conduit for spirit. I now enjoy seeing that same spark igniting in others.

Since I began developing to work as a medium, spirit has continued to push my boundaries of knowledge by changing the way that they work with me. Over 17 years I have worked hard to develop and work in any way that I can for spirit, including personal readings in the calm sanctuary within my home, remotely by telephone or visual connections through Skype and Zoom; giving 30 minute readings at carefully selected Mind Body Spirit Fairs across Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex and Berkshire; serving spiritualist churches for Sunday services; and continued professional development though courses and workshops as well as maintaining connection with my mentor Linda Williamson when I feel that it is important to call upon her expertise.

I therefore have a lifetime of spiritual experiences together with a focussed and dedicated learning, that I am very excited to share with you on your own personal journey into using your spiritual gifts to connect with spirit.

Note: To ensure your learning and development of mediumship is as effective as possible, you will be required to attend the Meditation for You course first, unless you are very experienced at meditation and meditate regularly.

Thank you for your interest in my Mediumship Development classes. At this time I am not running weekly sessions, however I'm still offering one day workshops!

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Mediumship Development FAQs

How many students attend In-Person classes?

To keep classes personal, safe and give you the best learning potential classes are kept to a maximum of 7 students for In-Person classes held in Farnham, Surrey.

Why am I required to attend the Meditation for You Class before starting Mediumship Development?

It is important to understand about how to open up and close down chakras when developing your Mediumship. This is so that you are safe and balanced when you want to work; as well as protected when you are going about your normal daytime activities. The best way to learn this and clear your mind when connecting to spirit, is through meditation.

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