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How spirit delivers messages through me

At all times I work in pure love as this is what connects us to all souls in spirit or on Earth. I bring messages through from spirit in a positive, enlightening way so that you leave feeling uplifted with guidance to help you along your earthly path at this time.

Your reading begins before meeting with me when I cleanse and prepare my reading space especially for you. Spirit then allows me an insight into the energies of your chakras and indications of areas that may be important guidance for you, which I will share with you during your reading.

At the start of your reading, I will explain how spirit works with me so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy the connections brought though for you.

As I bring messages through, I will tell you who the message is from (the communicator), along with memory links or other information to confirm their identity; I will also explain how they are conveying their messages to me. Communicators may be loved ones, friends, family or animals in spirt. Sometimes your spirit guide(s) or guardian angel may also be present to give higher spiritual guidance.

The communicator will connect with me in whichever way was most comfortable for them during their time on earth. For example, if they loved to chat, they will talk to me or if they were more visual, they will show me images to get their message across. Sometimes they may even share a smell, for example perfume. The most precious part of any reading though is when you can feel your loved ones coming close to you.

I will give you the opportunity to ask questions during your reading and if spirit is able to answer, I will share their guidance with you. It is also possible to request the presence of someone that hasn’t come close to see if they are able to connect too.

You are welcome to record your reading on your phone, or other digital device, or take notes to remind you of the important messages and guidance which are brought to you during your reading.

The choice is yours of how you wish to receive your reading; either a private or group reading. As I consider the gift of mediumship from spirit a special honour I also enjoy serving at spiritual churches in the local area.

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Readings Available

in person spiritual reading

In-Person Private Readings

If you would like to meet me in person for your connections to spirit, then you are invited to come along to the calm sanctuary within my home in Farnham.

I’ll welcome you into the special space, that I have prepared especially for you to enjoy your 60-minute reading.

60-minute one-to-one reading, in person at the calm sanctuary within my home £65

private spiritual readings

Remote Private Readings

If you live too far away from Farnham or are in another part of the World, you can still enjoy a special connection to your loved ones through a Zoom or telephone reading with me.

I will send you your Zoom link a few days before your reading so that you are ready to sit back and enjoy your 60-minute reading in the comfort of your own home.

60-minute one-to-one reading, on Zoom/telephone if you cannot get to me in person £65

spiritual church platform

Spiritualist Church Platform

Although I have worked conscientiously over many years to develop my natural ability further as a medium, I never forget that it is a precious gift from Spirit.

I therefore enjoy sharing that gift through Spiritualist church services and am always happy to visit new churches as well as continuing to serve at churches that have already welcomed me into their sanctuary.

I look forward to hearing from you if you’d like me to visit your church.

Group spiritual Reading Butterflies Purple

Group Readings

Perhaps you’d like to enjoy the experience of having a reading with some close friends or family. I would love to come to your home, where I can share your messages sensitively within a group setting. Alternatively, if you have another room that I can use in your home, I can connect with each person individually, while you all enjoy a chat over coffee and cake or afternoon tea.

Whichever way you decide you’ll have the comfort of your own surroundings and the chance for a special get together.

Readings FAQs

What is the difference between a psychic and mediumship reading?

When a medium gives a reading, they are connecting with spirit directly and sharing the evidence, proof and guidance brought through from the communicator in spirit. When a psychic is giving a reading, they are connecting with your energy and bringing guidance accordingly. Some psychics also have a link to spirit while still conveying their messages using cards, ribbons or even clear sight through a crystal ball.

I haven’t used Zoom before what do I do?

If you have not used Zoom prior to joining me for a private reading, meditation or another class, I will talk you through what to do before your appointment or session, so that you feel relaxed knowing what will happen.

How can a private reading work over Zoom?

I am communicating directly with loved ones and animals in spirit, so I don’t need you to be with me in the same place to bring you messages and guidance. This means I can bring messages to anyone in the world on Zoom or by phone. As one of my students said “As you proved, it really doesn’t make a difference, spirit comes through if they need to give messages!”

Kind Words

Nicola Graham

Thank you, Janey, for a wonderful heartwarming and encouraging session. It was remarkable to receive all the guiding messages from my grandmother and to receive the confirmation that my grandfather had indeed been trying to get my attention. I really needed the encouragement I was given and their message to be patient was so true. You are not only very connected to spirit and our guides you have a lovely calm kind way with you which is extremely comforting. Bless you  decoding=will be back again soon when I need some guidance and affirmation that I am loved and supported by spirit.

Kerry Calligari

Lovely reading with Janey at the end of last week which brought a lot of comfort, laughter, and insight. Messages brought with love with so much accuracy. Even though due to Covid the reading had to happen via Zoom, I still felt like I was in the same room as Janey, who was warm and welcoming. One of the best experiences I have had 😀

Hilary K

The key stone for me is being able to develop my abilities to help others. Thank you so much for my reading yesterday, not only did it help me to realise my key stone quest but it is the reading that just keeps on giving by making more and more meaning and sense to me as I go on through this day and probably for some time to come too.

Wow, that was deep! But I hope you can receive my appreciation and gratitude ✨ xx

Irene Bunce

Thank you Janey Jenkins such a beautiful service with such strong evidence of the continuous existence of life. Spirit were definitely with you.

Come back soon.

(Fleet SNU Spiritualist Church)


Wow, what can I say! Janey has just given me a personal Reading which resonated with every fibre of my being. She welcomed questions and relayed information clearly - yet with great consideration and gentleness.

She took any fear or worry out of the situation, creating a calm and friendly atmosphere where we were comfortable enough to laugh and I could share very personal information. Hearing phrases said aloud helped me to fully take on board the healing nature of the communication and guidance. My worries and concerns evaporated when my loved ones validated specific events. 

I am sure that I will be booking another session with Janey in the not too-far distant future, when I feel the need to touch base again. I thoroughly recommend her and her spiritual services.


I had an amazing and emotional reading with Janey. She is so warm and makes you feel very welcome and relaxed. She held space for me beautifully and my loved ones came through with such clarity. She was able to offer me reassurance with incredible insight.

I feel extremely grateful for her time and have so much to take away and think about. I was able to record the session so will be able to revisit it as I wouldn’t be able to remember everything.


I received the most wonderful reading and guidance from Jane. Upon first booking a session I felt I had known Jane for years and felt in very safe hands. She connected me to my loved ones in such a beautiful way that made me feel an overwhelming sense that everything is going to be okay.

Jane has a wonderful gift and picks up on your aura and how you are she really senses how you’re feeling. Jane has a wonderful gift, she’s kind, she’s caring, she gives her all info her work and it’s felt with love.

Thank you so much for your time and guidance.  I am grateful 😇 x with love xx

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