Peace and Healing for your mind, body and soul
Sitting Meditation

Meditation for Healing and Spiritual Connection

Since dedicating all of my working time to spirit over the last few years I have also been sharing another of my passions, meditation. Many years ago, while studying Psychology and Sociology at the University of Surrey, I exchanged to the University of North Texas where my love of meditation was ignited at a local meditation group in a little crystal shop close to campus.

Having used this wonderful gift of inner peace and clarity for 26 years now, I would love to bring the same gift to you, giving you the power to heal your own body, mind and soul. Through my own personal and professional experience of life’s challenges I am able to help you find your own inner peace through meditation. By bringing balance, peace and calm into your whole self it will also enable you to connect in a more positive way with others.

Meditation has many benefits; it supports mental health by calming and clearing your mind, aids reduction of anxiety and stress, encourages deeper sleep patterns, lowers blood pressure, slows the heart rate and allows your muscles to just relax and let go. During the meditations I will guide you through the seven main chakras in your body so that your energetic system also feels revitalised and balanced after your weekly session.

All my meditation practice is inspired by spirit and, by incorporating chakral energy, will help bring balance to your mind, body and spirit as a whole. Whether you already know how to meditate, or are a beginner, I offer various ways for you to enjoy meditation: 6-week Meditation for You course (in-person group or private on Zoom) weekly group Zoom meditation, private Zoom meditation.

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Meditation & Chakras Workshop

Come and join me for a workshop focused on chakra meditation. There will be a little discussion about each of the seven main chakras, giving focus to each one through small guided meditations. You will experience how to move between the chakras, balancing and healing them. Finally, I will take you on a beautiful guided meditation through all seven chakras before bringing you gently back and grounding you.

By the end of the workshop, with different tips, methods, music and guidance, you will realise that you can meditate when and wherever you want to. Enhancing your ability to find peace, tranquility and healing.

Whether you know how to meditate or would like to learn for the first time this will be a peaceful and healing day for you.

1-day workshop in a small group setting in The Studio, Crondall, GU10 5QQ

Next workshop TBC

In-Person Meditation for You

Regular In-Person Meditation

Do you know how to meditate but can’t seem to find the time? Now you can join me for regular In-Person Meditation sessions in the tranquil setting of The Studio, Crondall. Each time we meet I will share a different guided meditation inspired by spirit, with a focus on the chakras. I will take you on a journey, allowing you to escape from the everyday pressures of life, creating calm and balance for you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Each hour of calm includes a 40-45-minute live, guided meditation, inspired by spirit, followed by a little time to share your experience (if you want to). Groups are kept small for a personal feel.

1-hour, with a 40–45-minute guided meditation £16 per week / £15 per week when booking 4 or more sessions at the same time

Unfortunately, once booked no refunds can be given due to limited places.
Zoom Meditation

Weekly Group Zoom Meditation

Do you know how to meditate but can’t seem to find the time? Join me each week on Zoom for a different guided meditation inspired by spirit, with a focus on the chakras. In each meditation I will guide you on a journey, allowing you to escape from the everyday pressures of life and creating calm and balance for you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Each hour of calm includes a 40-45-minute live, guided meditation, inspired by spirit, followed by a little time to share your experience (if you want to). Groups are kept small for a personal feel.

1-hour with a 40–45-minute guided meditation £8 per week / £7 per week when booking 4+ sessions

Unfortunately once booked no refunds can be given due to limited places.

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Private Zoom Meditation

If you have never meditated before and would like to learn I can teach you the basics in a one-hour private Zoom session. You can also choose to book private Zoom meditation sessions with me to fit in with your own schedule.

1-hour tuition session (basics) on Zoom £15

1-hour personally prepared meditation session on Zoom £29

Private meditation classes

Private Zoom Meditation for You

Like the In-Person Meditation for You course, over 6-weeks I will share tips and techniques guiding you to find your own unique way to enjoy the benefits of meditation. The first few weeks are 1-hour long to nurture you on your path of learning through a series of shorter meditations. Followed by three 1½-hour sessions, gradually increasing the length of each meditation, until your final 40-45-minute guided meditation.

Every week I incorporate music attuned to the vibration of each of the seven major chakras, combined with knowledge relevant to each one. Through the combination of music and intuitive guiding in the moment through my deeply spiritual connection, you will be taken on a journey of peace, healing and calm.

Zoom is the perfect way to enjoy Meditation for You if you are unable to attend in-person or would prefer the privacy of one-to-one teaching. It has the added benefit of sessions fitting around your personal schedule.

3 x 1-hour and 3 x 1½-hour weekly sessions delivered over 6-weeks on Zoom £128

In-Person Meditation for You

During this 6-week course I will share tips, techniques and guidance for you to find your own unique way to enjoy the benefits of meditation. I will nurture you on your path to learning through a series of shorter meditations, sharing a beautiful long guided meditation in the sixth week. I incorporate knowledge of the seven main chakral energy systems each week, combining music attuned to the vibration of each chakra.

Meditations are guided with music to gently take you into a peaceful healing place within. Each meditation is always guided intuitively in the moment through my deeply spiritual connection.

The course is delivered as a small group (maximum 7) retaining a personal feel to learn the healing benefits of meditation, within the Farnham area (Surrey).

1½-hour weekly sessions delivered over 6-weeks in a small group setting £102

Unfortunately once booked no refunds can be given due to limited places.

Meditation FAQs

How many students attend In-Person classes?

To keep classes personal, safe and give you the best learning potential classes are kept to a maximum of 7 students for In-Person classes held at Oak Park Clinic.

I don’t know about the 7 major chakras how can I learn about this?

Join me for the 6-week Meditation for You class (in-person at Oak Park Clinic or on Zoom privately) where you will gain a basic understanding of each of the 7 major chakras. You will also benefit from deeper healing and shifts that happen naturally during the class.

Do your guided meditations include connections to the chakras?

Yes, during my guided meditations you may notice connections to each of the 7 major chakras during your journey. However, you do not need to know about the chakras to still gain the healing and calm of the weekly Zoom meditation.

I’ve never meditated before, can I join the Weekly Group Zoom Meditation?

If you’ve never meditated before I recommend that you do a Private Zoom Meditation session with me first (1-hour tuition session (basics) on Zoom £15). I will talk you through the basics of meditation, taking you through a small guided meditation and answering any questions you may have so that you know what to expect when you join the Weekly Group Zoom Meditation.

I haven’t used Zoom before what do I do?

If you have not used Zoom prior to joining me for a private reading, meditation or another class, I will talk you through what to do before your appointment or session, so that you feel relaxed knowing what will happen.

I prefer meditating in person; what benefits are there in joining a Weekly Group Zoom Meditation instead?

The main benefit of the Weekly Group Zoom Meditation sessions is that you don’t have to leave your home, which means a much calmer experience before and after meditation. You will be able to sit in your favourite chair in the comfort and warmth of your own home, enjoy your meditation and then continue to relax afterwards if you want to. Safe, less hassle, being in the comfort of own home, fits into personal schedules more easily.

How can meditation work over Zoom?

Whether you join me for a private meditation or weekly meditation session over Zoom you will soon realise just how effective meditation can be remotely. By using carefully selected music for each meditation and guiding you throughout the meditation you will feel like you are in the room with me.

Kind Words

Zoë Plummer

I contacted Janey after finding her online as I have a huge interest in mediumship and all things surrounding it! After chatting to Janey we decided that we would start with the ‘mediation for you’ course. Now, I’m not going to lie, meditation has never been my thing and I was worried that I would giggle in front of a group of strangers and ruin it for everyone! How wrong I was ….. I LOVED it …. What an amazing tool to be taught. Janey was amazing, every week we would cover something different and build up to longer meditations, Janey would explain, in detail, each Chakra and what it meant, it is fascinating.

Cannot recommend Janey enough if you’re interested in meditation or even if you don’t think you are (as in my case)

Ruth Philcox

Janey’s chakra meditation for you course was a wonderful experience. I meditate regularly and was keen to deepen my practice and learn more about the chakras.

This course really helped me to connect with the particular chakra needing attention and Janey’s calm voice guiding you through each meditation took me off to another dimension. Janey has a unique ability to connect into you during the meditation and I gained so much from going each week.

Bella Wilson

I have completed the meditation for you course with Janey and had a private reading with her as well. Every session I have had was a wonderful experience. Janey is so knowledgeable and kind in her manner and delivery of information. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to have worked with her and look forward to continue attending courses.

Naomi Gould

Janey's meditations are utterly blissful.


Throughout Covid Janey’s meditation sessions were essential to me managing my mental wellbeing and I have gained so much from attending each one-either through healing, calming negative thoughts or stress relieving.

I also really enjoy sharing and listening to everyone’s experience in the group discussion at the end of each meditation. Janey is such an inspiration-I couldn’t imagine my life without her sessions in it now. 

Jo Horstead

I’ve throughly enjoyed the weekly meditation sessions run by Janey. It has been fantastic for releasing stress and spending time focusing on myself. During the last year it has been even more important to take time out and focus on my wellbeing and meditation has played a big part of that.

I find it much easier to meditate when it is guided and Janey always seems to have the right piece of music or guided story to take you into the quiet space. I can’t recommend the mediation sessions enough.

Thank you Janey!

Viv Samuel

I had never done meditation before I joined Janey's classes. From the beginning I felt comfortable with Janey and the support and guidance she gave when I was developing my ability to meditate in a group, on line or at home on my own.

Janey offered reassurance and encouragement at the times when I felt I hadn't had good meditations which helped to maintain my confidence in what I was doing. Thanks to Janey's wonderful approach to teaching meditation. 

I have also learnt how to use it to help me when dealing with challenging times especially during lockdown.


I joined Janey's Zoom Meditation classes during the first lockdown and confess that I had my doubts as to how effective it could be but, to my great surprise, it was very effective indeed. My mind was in turmoil due to a variety of personal and professional changes in my life, combined with the worry about how the pandemic would impact on me. From the very first session, Janey gently and carefully guided me into a Meditation that was deep, soothing and healing.

Afterwards we shared feedback and Janey would explain perceptions and we all learned from this virtual classroom environment. A year later, I can slip quickly into meditations and sustain that state for periods of easily up to an hour - something I could never have done before. Personally, I quickly became calmer and more relaxed - sleep was more restful and it was possible to begin the process of fully relaxing and destressing. I recommend Janey most highly and urge you to give her classes a try.

Zoom does not have a negative impact - and it is wonderful to be able to relax without travelling away from home!


I am relatively new to ‘spirituality’ and I am most definitely still at the beginning of this journey. It wasn’t just a coincidence that I crossed paths with Janey. 

I had previously meditated although not to the level Janey’s meditations take you. I often crave the sound of Janey’s voice, especially if I have had a tough day or week. Her meditations offer you an opportunity to recharge, to see things from a different perspective and to enjoy and hour or so peace and pure bliss that life in the 21st century doesn’t always allow. 🤍

Sarah Campbell

As a complete beginner to meditation, I didn’t know what to expect. Janey reassured me and following a brief consultation I joined her small online class and felt comfortable straight away. Janey certainly has a special gift and offers a complete holistic approach.

I have noticed an improvement in my resting heart rate and quality of sleep which is evident from my Fitbit. I look forward to the escapism of meditation. Thanks Janey xx

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