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Have you looked at doing In-Person Meditation for You (6-week course) or Mediumship Development - The Beginning (5-week course) with me, but find it difficult to attend multiple weeks due to living too far from Farnham or not having enough free time every week? If so 1-day workshops are a great way for you to experience in-person learning with me.

Workshops are taught in-person in Farnham, Surrey. Each workshop is kept small so that there is a personal feel for your learning, enabling me to give each student support and guidance when necessary. You will also be given guides to look back on for each of the workshops taught.

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Meditation & Chakras Workshop

Come and join me for a workshop focused on chakra meditation. There will be a little discussion about each of the seven main chakras, giving focus to each one through small guided meditations. You will experience how to move between the chakras, balancing and healing them. Finally, I will take you on a beautiful guided meditation through all seven chakras before bringing you gently back and grounding you.

By the end of the workshop, with different tips, methods, music and guidance, you will realise that you can meditate when and wherever you want to. Enhancing your ability to find peace, tranquillity and healing.

Whether you know how to meditate or would like to learn for the first time this will be a peaceful and healing day for you.

1-day workshop in a small group setting in Farnham, Surrey £88

Next workshop Saturday 30th July 2022 10am-3pm

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Mediumship Workshop

Note: To ensure you benefit from the Mediumship Workshop fully, you will be required to attend the Meditation & Chakras Workshop first (unless you’ve already attended my Meditation for You course)

Have you wondered whether it's just you imagining seeing or feeling someone around you? Would you like to know when loved ones, friends, family and animals in spirt are coming close to you so that you can acknowledge them?

During the workshop you'll gain understanding of different ways to communicate with loved ones in spirit, whether asking for guidance or just to let them know you're thinking about them. You may then want to develop further to give readings or just use these skills for yourself. The choice is yours!

Having worked as a Medium for over 15 years with Spirit's guidance and support, I am excited to be able to share the Mediumship workshop to help you discover and use your own personal gifts.

1-day workshop in a small group setting in Farnham, Surrey £101

Workshops FAQs

Why am I required to attend the Meditation and Chakras Workshop or the Meditation for You Class before doing the Mediumship Workshop?

It is important to understand about how to open up and close down chakras when developing your Mediumship. This is so that you are safe and balanced when you want to work; as well as protected when you are going about your normal daytime activities. The best way to learn this and clear your mind when connecting to spirit, is through meditation.

How many students attend In-Person classes?

To keep classes personal, safe and give you the best learning potential classes are kept to a maximum of 7 students for In-Person classes held at Oak Park Clinic.

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