Advent Calendar – 21st December 2020

Into November 2020 now for the 21st Day of Advent. I was privileged to serve Farnham Independent Spiritualist Church for Remembrance Sunday on Zoom. Some stunning walks with Missy and our walking buddies (doggy and human) seeing sunsets and Fly Agaric – an amazing fungi. Time to get the new diary for 2021 too!

Advent Calendar – 20th December 2020

Blessings to be thankful for on the 20th day of Advent, given by Mother Nature to all of us during the autumnal days of October – golden paths of leaves, double rainbows and the blue moon on Halloween night. Missy enjoyed some lovely long walks (or moving meditation) and snuggling on the sofa afterwards!

Advent Calendar – 19th December 2020

For the 19th Day of Advent I find myself in the not so distant memory of October – being able to hold the Mediumship Workshop postponed from March for four special ladies. The connection between Viv and Jo was so special, I could see and feel the energy between them as they brought messages from spirit to each other all in a covid safe environment. A very special coffee morning out with the lovely Lotus Chakra Ladies established in January 2020 – giving me a beautiful gift to remember our time together. Look closely at the titles of the books you may recognise some of the special connections to Janey.