Happy Christmas to all of the wonderful Souls in my life!

20191224_142208Thank you to all the wonderful souls  who’ve  supported me during my first full-time year of working for Spirit.

Whether you’ve come for a private reading, had a reading at a Spiritual Fair, learnt knowledge about your Chakras, developed your own Mediumship or learnt to Meditate with me it has been a privilege.

A special thank you to – Alexandra Barto, Jean Harris, Linda Williamson, Alexia Willen, Tracey Sonja Gundry for your wisdom and support.

So from the bottom if my heart and soul I send you Love, Light and Wonderful Wishes for a Happy Christmas and Beautiful New Year. Janeyxxx😊💚

P.S love the gorgeous orbs at the bottom of the tree!

Meditation for You – Starting Next Week!

5th Week Meditation for the Throat Chakra Sep 2019There’s only a week to go until you can start the Meditation for You class and learn to find your way of meditating whenever you need to.

It will bring you calmness and peace allowing you to manage your day to day challenges in an easier way.  Meditation can also bring physical and mental health benefits by allowing your body to rest and heal.

Only a few places left now so call me on 07791 560714 or enrol here and I’ll see you next week!