Solar Plexus

In the last week or two I found that my Solar Plexus needed some tender loving care and I wondered if you’re feeling this too?

Your Solar Plexus is the beautiful Yellow Chakra centred around your naval or belly button. It’s about you or your ego, everything that has come to create the beautiful soul that you are, experiences, nature and nurture. You give and receive emotions through this energy centre. By giving yourself attention in turn you take care of your ego so that it remains positive and happy.

I thought I’d share this stunning yellow Courgette flower that emerged in my garden last week. By absorbing this beautiful image while meditating it’s the perfect boost for a weary Solar Plexus!

Meditation in the Changing World

In the last few months I’ve spent a little while, with guidance from spirit, finding a way to share Meditation with as many people as possible.
So I’m excited to share Guided Meditations 🧘‍♀️on Zoom, all for an hour on the following days:

Monday 10:30am

Wednesday 6.15pm

Thursday 6.00pm

Friday 10.30am

First class is free 👍and only £5 for an hour of bliss thereafter. 😄

Book your Free hour of bliss or contact me on 07791 560714 to find out more. I’m looking forward to sharing an hour of escape with you. Janey

Meditation, meditation, meditation….

After an amazing nights sleep last night I felt inspired to share the secret …

Monthly MeditationDuring Monthly Meditation last week we sent love, healing and thought to the names in our healing book, those needing healing in the world at this challenging time, prayers for the many people without a home and  of course the animals who are not treated with the unconditional love that they give us.

On Sunday, International Women’s Day, I was honoured to share aOkomoko Chairs Meditation and Chakras Workshop with seven lovely ladies.  Special thought was sent out to all of the women in the world that may need help, support for equality or just to be treated in a loving and kind way.

Flower in BowlYesterday evening was the first night of the new Meditation for You Class, an evening of calm and healing with focus on our Base or Root Chakra, while sharing the wonderful healing light created between us and mother earth with the rest of the world.

So now you know the secret to an amazing nights sleep – meditation, meditation, meditation!