Meditation, meditation, meditation….

After an amazing nights sleep last night I felt inspired to share the secret …

Monthly MeditationDuring Monthly Meditation last week we sent love, healing and thought to the names in our healing book, those needing healing in the world at this challenging time, prayers for the many people without a home and  of course the animals who are not treated with the unconditional love that they give us.

On Sunday, International Women’s Day, I was honoured to share aOkomoko Chairs Meditation and Chakras Workshop with seven lovely ladies.  Special thought was sent out to all of the women in the world that may need help, support for equality or just to be treated in a loving and kind way.

Flower in BowlYesterday evening was the first night of the new Meditation for You Class, an evening of calm and healing with focus on our Base or Root Chakra, while sharing the wonderful healing light created between us and mother earth with the rest of the world.

So now you know the secret to an amazing nights sleep – meditation, meditation, meditation!

News Flash – Good News!

Meditation Pic

If you wanted to come to the Meditation for You Class starting tonight but couldn’t make it, we’re starting next Thursday instead 7.30-9pm!  I’ve only got a couple of places left so book your place now before they’re gone!

Then get ready to relax, heal and find peace….

Last night of the first MFY class of 2020

Last Night of 1st MFY Class 2020

Yesterday evening I was privileged to share a wonderful evening of meditation with the first Meditation for You Class of 2020.  Six beautiful souls who have found ways to meditate and heal in their own time over the 6 weeks we’ve spent together, which flew by!

Last night we spent a little time focusing on the brow and crown chakra, before a 45 minute guided meditation up through the 7 main chakras. Gently returning back to a grounded connection with a balanced mind, body and soul.

Both those who are beginners and experienced at meditation have found healing and balance through Meditation for You.  During this class the connection between the throat chakra and various other chakras was very prominent; showing that our throat chakra is important in venting or voicing blockages in other chakras to aid their healing.

Why not come and join the next class starting on 5th March?  Reserve your place today – only a few places left!