Advent Calendar – Christmas Eve

Having shared memories from this year with you, it’s made me realise how many we all have to be thankful for. Whether its mother nature’s gifts, loved ones or animals, keep your senses open and be aware of what’s given to you each day. If looking at this has made you remember a special memory I’d love to hear about it. Happy Christmas and Love to All – enjoy your day tomorrow however you’ll be spending it.

Advent Calendar – 14th December 2020

For the 14th Day of the Advent Calendar it’s a very special memory to share, as at the end of July after many lockdown restrictions I saw my first client in person since the middle of March 2020. It’s extra special as it’s the first time I’ve shared my garden as a calm sanctuary for personal readings. Spirit looked after us keeping the weather beautiful too. July also saw the first Zoom meeting for the Spiritual Awakening Group – special books for automatic writing and anything spiritual!