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Kind Words

Bella Wilson

I have completed the meditation for you course with Janey and had a private reading with her as well. Every session I have had was a wonderful experience. Janey is so knowledgeable and kind in her manner and delivery of information. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to have worked with her and look forward to continue attending courses.

Naomi Gould

Janey's meditations are utterly blissful.

Nicola Graham

Thank you, Janey, for a wonderful heartwarming and encouraging session. It was remarkable to receive all the guiding messages from my grandmother and to receive the confirmation that my grandfather had indeed been trying to get my attention. I really needed the encouragement I was given and their message to be patient was so true. You are not only very connected to spirit and our guides you have a lovely calm kind way with you which is extremely comforting. Bless you  decoding=will be back again soon when I need some guidance and affirmation that I am loved and supported by spirit.

Louise Granell

I felt like something was missing in my life, something holistic or spiritual but I didn’t know what it was or how I found it. I found Janey’s course by word of mouth and it sounded interesting. I had read about chakras but past their representative zones of the body, I didn’t know much more.

Each session we learnt about the chakras in depth and did guided meditations. We had homework each week which we then spent the next week going through. In those sessions the most I experienced my most transformative processes so far. Some of the sentences I spoke out loud I had never shared before. Janey’s space was safe and loving. Throughout the 10 or so weeks I felt like life was clearer and I was more content. I have benefitted more than I could imagine.

There is a lot of introspection and you must be ready to want to do this, but you will never regret it.


The Lotus Chakra Course really made me aware of the chakras and which parts of the body they related to. I refer to my course notes if I have an ailment or emotional blockage to see which chakra needs healing or working on.

I gained a lot from the sharing of everyone’s experiences when we looked at relationships and Janey’s
guidance always helped me to fully understand any queries I had regarding the chakras.

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