Mediumship Development: The Next Step

Mediumship Development: The Next Step

Having completed Mediumship Development – The Beginning you will have been able to recognise your strongest natural gift, as well as a Clair Sense that you would like to develop and use. Everyone is different so over the next four weeks we will focus on clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience in more depth, as well as recognising other senses as they arise.

During the time we spend together I will incorporate and plan the learning around your individual needs. For example, if clairsentience is natural to you, learning ways to make it stronger may bring you more confidence as you connect with a communicator. If you feel you are not able to connect clairvoyantly you may want to start developing this area to give you clearer insight into your connections as a whole.

You will have the chance to read others in different ways as the only way that you can truly develop is through practice.

2-hour weekly sessions delivered over 4-weeks in a small group held in Farnham, Surrey £125

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