Mediumship Development: The Beginning

Mediumship Development: The Beginning

Have you wondered whether it's just you imagining seeing or feeling someone around you?  Would you like to know when loved ones, friends, family and animals in spirit are coming close to you so that you can acknowledge them?  Maybe you would like to learn how to communicate with loved ones in spirit so that you can ask for guidance or simply just let them know you are thinking about them and to know that they are alright now?

Over five weeks you can learn about the different Clair Senses and how to communicate with spirit.  It will give you the confidence to learn how to find out who is communicating with you from spirit and the guidance or message they are trying to give you.  You may want to use these skills for yourself or might be thinking of developing further to give others readings.  The choice is yours.

2-hour weekly sessions delivered over 5-weeks in a small group setting at Oak Park Clinic £125

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