Mediumship Development: Blending with Spirit

Mediumship Development: Blending with Spirit

Now you have worked through the first two stages of development with me you will start to put together all of the skills you have gained so that as you are given information through the different Clair Senses you will learn to join the pieces of the puzzle together to deliver clear, accurate messages and guidance from spirit.

You will be gaining a clearer understanding of who you are communicating with, what they want you to convey to your sitter and how to deliver this clearly with confidence, trusting what you are being given.

As well as further spiritual learning, there will be the opportunity, over four weeks, to practice with previous students and sitters who will understand that you are still finding your feet in giving personal messages. Giving you the confidence to take your skills forward and use them to heal and guide others by clear communication with spirit.

2-hour weekly sessions delivered over 4-weeks in a small group setting at Oak Park Clinic £125

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