Advent Calendar – 19th December 2020

For the 19th Day of Advent I find myself in the not so distant memory of October – being able to hold the Mediumship Workshop postponed from March for four special ladies. The connection between Viv and Jo was so special, I could see and feel the energy between them as they brought messages from spirit to each other all in a covid safe environment. A very special coffee morning out with the lovely Lotus Chakra Ladies established in January 2020 – giving me a beautiful gift to remember our time together. Look closely at the titles of the books you may recognise some of the special connections to Janey.

Advent Calendar – 18th December 2020

Day 18 of the Advent Calendar is a very joyous memory of being able to restart the Meditation for You course, postponed in March due to Lockdown – just six of us all Covid safe. This was week five bringing focus, love and attention to the Throat Chakra.

Advent Calendar – 17th December 2020

Lots to share for 17th Dec Advent Window – September 2020 saw things starting to happen again after some very still months this year. My boys are growing up with Zak off to his first day at 6th form college to study ‘A’ Levels. Daniel moving into University, it’s so exhausting, but the view from the kitchen window is amazing! Daniel popped home to share a belated birthday with us after spending his first birthday away from home. Not wanting to be left out Missy is playing peekaboo on the stairs!