Janey’s Journey

My journey began as a child.  Spirit was already communicating with me through the gifts of Clairvoyance (seeing), Clairsentience (feeling), Clairescence (smell), and Claircognizance (inner knowing).  Then at the age of nine I had other spiritual experiences including astral projection and pre-cognitive dreams.   All of these experiences and gifts were invaluable for the work I was destined to do later in life.

My Mum, who is also psychically gifted, shared many discussions with me about spiritual subjects as I grew up.  However, still yearning for more knowledge I continued the spiritual journeying throughout my twenties.  During this time I visited a well respected medium, Paul Lambillion, who said “You don’t need to come to me you can do this yourself … but you won’t until your 40s!”.

As I was about to turn 40, his words proved to be accurate.  The practical understanding of putting my gifts to use came during a Mediumship Workshop with Linda Williamson. Finally, after ten years of progression and practising as a medium, came the realisation that my true path was finally opening before me to work for spirit as a medium. Providing evidence by acting as a channel of communication to loved ones, friends, family and animals from the spirit world.  

Thus the spirit given name of Janey’s Spirit Connexions was born.

I consider mediumship to be a dedication of service that is both humbling and a wonderful gift to share for those in need of healing or guidance.